Anand Ondhia ॐ

How would you describe yourself / company?: 

From my very first brushes with yoga, the art symbolized a potentially powerful tool for self-directed healing. I experienced firsthand the effectiveness of using simple yoga postures and refined breathing to relieve bodily pain, mental stress and erratic energy levels.

My first formal education in yoga was the Advanced Moksha Yoga Teacher Training, followed by an advanced training in Flow Yoga, taught by Senior yoga teacher Bibi Rahim-Hahn.

As a current Master's student of Osteopathy, I like to integrate my knowledge of the body's workings into my classes. My teaching style is also informed by explorations into many other arts and personal interests, including Buddhist teachings, Mindfulness Meditation, Floatation Therapy and Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

How would you describe your style/discipline?: 

The Flow Yoga class is an invigorating practice which is therapeutic on many levels, and also accessible to all experience levels. Yogis can expect to be systematically lead through a constantly flowing spectrum of postures and movements, lying, seated or standing to unblock stagnation. Practitioners will harmoniously meet with their edges and streamline the body while at the same time developing a heightened level of internal ease.

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