Vitina Blumenthal ॐ

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I'm a curious yogi exploring the world in search of different techniques and more mindful ways for living to share with you. To help you reconnect and stay connected to you. I colour outside the lines – I always have.

My wellness path was sparked at the ripe age of 19. After graduating from OCAD University and 6 years in the stressful, dog-eat-dog Entertainment industry, it profoundly grew when I packed my bags and set off to live in an ashram in India. I have since dedicated the last six years travelling throughout India, South East Asia and Central America teaching and leading wellness retreats and love helping others fuse Eastern mindfulness traditions and practices into our modern Western lifestyle.

I’ve learned from renowned thought leaders in the wellness space and, more formally, studied Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. It’s my lifework to infuse practical mindfulness tools into everyday life to guide people to live aligned to their life’s purpose and to take care of their mental and emotion well-being. I enjoy sharing my love of these things through my businesses, WanderfulSoul & Wanderwell, all in the hopes that I will meet a tribe of others who share my passions, and perhaps I’ll inspire a few people along the way!

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