Bridges the gap between yoga and fitness! Explore new ways to challenge the body and mind with HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength based dynamic movement within a yoga flow. This style of active yoga allows you to push yourself to new limits and activate different muscles than a traditional practice. Combine all the benefits of a gym session with the yoga experience; a workout for the mind and the body.



Cycle45: This 45-minute mixed profile ride will have you picking up the pace with flat road sprints, digging deep as you climb single and rolling hills, and setting your legs on fire with high intensity intervals.

CycleCore: This 60-minute class combines the high intensity cardio of a 45 minute ride in the Cycle Lab with the strengthening of 15 minutes of core

CycleRave: This Glow-In-The-Dark themed ride will take you through longer intervals of single and rolling hills, flat road sprints, endurance pace holds, and high intensity intervals all while shining bright in your glowing-est brights.



HIIT workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition as well as improved metabolism. Compared with other regimens, HIIT produces significant reductions in the fat mass of the whole-body.



Animal Flow® is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement.

No matter what your sports or fitness goals are, Animal Flow will improve your mobility, strength, endurance and power. Whether you’re an extreme athlete or just looking to get fit – Animal Flow is for everyone who wants to get into their peak physical condition and have fun while doing it.



Our upbeat pilates classes are taught on mats with a fun new-aged flair. We love to add props, incorporate new exercises and creative challenges for students. We enjoy pairing music to each sequence to create a rhythm and flow throughout the whole class.



Used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception and well-being. The various types of technologies that we incorporate at our events create a safe environment that allow people to focus internally and ignore all external distractions. 

Heart Chakra Meditation: A Sensory Expansion: Indulge in a full-body awakening, reconnecting to the sounds of a beating pulse, your heart beat. Using a variety of seated breathwork techniques, journalling and visualization, and methods to overcome roadblocks and pathways to forgiveness, this practice will leave you feeling nourished and awakened. You will leave feeling empowered, connected, and growing in love abundance, while connecting to your own unique inner clockwork.

Reiki & Meditation: Like Water: Disconnect with magical sound, rejuvenating scents, and be pampered by the soothing benefits of Reiki and touch. Themed to oceanic waves, this class will guide you through a transient state, shedding layers of stagnant energy to find your reverberating center. With the use of props and essential oils we will create a nurturing space for you to reset from the mind's inner conflicts and ease into a sense of calm. Reiki has healing properties that helps decrease depression, provide anxiety relief, promote better sleep patterns, and lower high levels of stress.

Meditate + Move: Meditate + Move is a meditation class which combines guided meditation and gentle yoga-based movement to help you release tension from your body and mind. You will move your muscles and joints before settling into a seated meditation. Learn how to feel what your body needs to allow for a more comfortable meditation practice. 

Meditate + Rest: Meditate + Rest is a class which combines guided meditation and yin/restorative yoga poses to help you relax the mind and rejuvenate the body. This class will primarily be practiced laying down, supported by props. Give yourself permission to slow down as you practice self-care.

Meditate + Heal: Meditate + Heal is a meditation class which combines guided meditation, discussion and hands-on energy healing to help you access your innate ability to heal. Each class will be unique as we work to release the grip of your mind so that you can start to tune in to your soul. Arrive with an open heart and mind. 



A medium to high intensity session moving at a steady pace to build heat, endurance and strength. It focuses  on a combination of strength and flexibility specific to the shoulder and pelvic girdle in addition to the String session. Feel energized as oxygen is brought to the lungs and activates the sympathetic nervous system.



Dance Jam is a high-energy, fun-filled cardio dance-style workout. While grooving to today's most popular Club Dance Hits, you will be able to get loose, show off your best moves, and release your inner back-up dancer! No previous dance experience required! Come have a blast, get your sweat on, and dance your hearts out.


The practice of yoga with dogs through gentle massage and stretching. All of our rescue dogs are from unfortunate situations and the charities that we work with provide them with the necessary medical and rehabilitation.



A sneaky killer cardio workout! While burning upward of 400 calories per hour, shadow boxing helps you develop foot speed, hand coordination, and technique. And best of all, it can be done anywhere, anytime for a quick and heart-pumping fight session.



In this gentle and fluid vinyasa class, reconnect to your highest self by taking the time to move in a way that feels good. By slowing down, and moving with your breath you can have the experience of yourself again. This class will include flow based movements, yin-style postures and meditations. It is accessible for all levels.



HIIT training session like you’ve never experienced before. Innovative intervals
and high intensity movement combinations anchor this workout that will turn your body into a  calorie incinerator. Keep the fire burning, move swiftly, and light up your core with some sleek Animal Flow mobility drills as active recovery.



This Vinyasa class combines the movement and freedom of our YogaFlow class with a dynamic and challenging sequence of exercises using your own body weight that will have you building a sweat while you ignite your inner strength and power.



Through the connection of movement and breath this class will help improve balance, build strength and increase your flexibility. The dynamic sequence of postures will focus on alignment to support you in maintaining and deepening your personal practice.



A Japanese form of energetic equilibrium enhancement and maintenance. It's similar to a meditative practice that helps bring balance on emotional, mental and spiritual levels which extends to the physical.


Power Flow Yoga

Expect to break a sweat as you mindfully move through poses designed to connect movement with breath while strengthening, lengthening and toning. Set to inspiring music, an aromatherapy massage during savasana will to tie it all together. You will leave feeling both grounded and energized!