Toronto is full of life, diversity, and hustle that people literally cannot keep up with what’s happening in the fitness scene. Toronto’s health and wellness industry has exploded within the last few years. ActifyTO is redefining the fitness scene by providing a unique experience through fitness events. The key to creating lasting memories is bringing the experience to life. From the decor, artists, food choices and activities, we make sure that our events provide guests with an engaging and impactful experience. 


SWEAT as you mindfully go through movements designed to strengthen and tone.
STRETCH and connect the breath to help improve balance, increase flexibility and mobility. 
SYNC through meditations, free 5 minute relaxation massages & hands-on reiki during shavasana. 
SOCIAL celebration to meet the friendliest people in our community and to snag some treats, health juices, special prizes and live performances! 

(B.Y.O.D Yoga Massage)

Last event of 2018! 

#1 FAQ | You do NOT need a dog to join our shenanigans
STRETCH and connect the breath to help increase flexibility and mobility for you and your pup. We'll alternate between movements designed to strengthen and tone our bodies while applying guided massage techniques to your pups from local Canine Massage Therapists & Yoga Instructors
Start: 6:00 PM
Duration: 50 minutes


In collaboration of our Unlocked events, we offer 1HR open-concept noise-isolated treatments. The various types of technologies that we incorporate in our moon clinics create a safe environment that allow patients to focus internally and ignore all external distractions. Being an open-concept clinic, we ask that you bring a two piece swimsuit or flexible underpants/shorts during treatment. There will be change rooms and washrooms available on-site.