ActifyCity was created to break out of the limitations that others place on us
We were tired of being defined by race, gender, education, finances, fitness level, and ability to name a few. In the process of actifying our city, we created a space that had no limits and barriers
Reminding us that anything is possible no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you do as long as you’re willing to discover, donate and dance
The various types of technologies that we incorporate at our events create a safe environment that allow people to focus internally and ignore all external distractions. Giving them a chance to experience something as unique, beautiful and powerful as they've always been


Meet Kate & Bryan. Years in the health and wellness combines over 15 years of event management experience.

What We Do

Speaker Management

Ensure all speakers are prepared and the event site.


Ensuring all funds raised are accounted for and receipts are issued.

Event Registration

Pre and day of event coordination of all registration requirements.

Onsite Event Execution

Set up, vendor and attendees supervision.


Creating memorable parties and gatherings for networking opportunities.

Attendee Evaluation

Capturing onsite and post event feedback on classes, instructors, vendors, and atmosphere.

Post Event Analysis

Delivering a post event report detailing achievements and providing recommendations for future events.